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Trucker, Priest & Lawyer
A truck driver hated lawyers so much that whenever he saw one he would run him over. One day, he pic Posted: 2007-11-13
Juggler stopped by police - joke
A professional juggler, driving to his next performance, is stopped by the police. "What are you Posted: 2007-11-13
Top 10 Signs of Beign Bad Driver
10> You have a reserved parking space with your name on it -- at traffic court. 9> You spend an i Posted: 2007-11-13
Old Trucker & Bikers
An old man was eating in a truck stop when three rough-looking bikers walked in. As they passed the Posted: 2007-11-13
Trucker run out of gas delivering bridge
A truck driver was driving along on the freeway. A sign comes up that reads "low bridge ahead." Befo Posted: 2007-11-13
Home sick truck in vegas
A trucker who has been out on the road for three weeks stops into a brothel outside Vegas. He walks Posted: 2007-11-13
Police ticket
A policeman stops a lady and asks for her license. He says "Lady, it says here that you should be we Posted: 2007-11-13
Trucker Wife Joke
A trucker wife was having affair with a bold guy. One day, the trucker (her husband) came back fro Posted: 2007-11-13
Truck drivers interview joke
Two truck drivers applied for a job. One said, Im Joe and this is my partner, John; when I drive a Posted: 2007-11-13
The Idiot Truck Driver
There's this guy on at bar, just looking at his drink. He stays like that for half an hour. Then, th Posted: 2007-11-13
Sorry, I can't do that officer
A police officer pulls over this guy who had been weaving in and out of the lanes. He goes up to Posted: 2007-11-13
A Helpful Driver Wife
A male driver is pulled over by a cop and the following conversation takes place: Man, "What's t Posted: 2007-11-13
Truck Driver Hauling Computers
This truck driver hauling a tractor-trailer load of computers stops for a beer. As he approaches th Posted: 2007-11-13
How Physics Saves Lives
A college physics professor was explaining a particularly complicated concept to his class when a pr Posted: 2007-11-13
Safest Way to Drive
Peter Ludwig, a caver from Austria who is appalled by American driving habits, offers the following Posted: 2007-11-13
Silent treatment
A man and his wife were having some problems at home and were giving each other the silent treatment Posted: 2007-11-13
Confusing traffic signs
A cop pulls over a carload of nuns. Cop: "Sister, this is a 65 MPH highway -- why are you going Posted: 2007-11-13
Angry drivers meet
In a very small alley two trucks driving in opposite directions meet. As the drivers are equally Posted: 2007-11-13
A driving school test
The following are a sampling of real answers received on exams given by the California Department of Posted: 2007-11-13
Elderly Drivers Joke
Two elderly women were out driving in a large car-both could barely see over the dashboard. As they Posted: 2007-11-13
Mike,Electric train
A few days after Christmas, a mother was working in the kitchen listening to her young son playing w Posted: 2007-11-13
How to Know where a Driver is from
One hand on wheel, one hand on horn: New York One hand on wheel, one finger out window: Chicago Posted: 2007-11-13
Nick,Good driving - Funny
A guy was driving when a policeman pulled him over. He rolled down his window and said to the office Posted: 2007-11-13
Taxes Joker,What people say right before acci
The U.S. Government decided to take an experiment to see what people say right before they get into Posted: 2007-11-13
Trucker Driver,Everything is for dollar
A redneck farmer comes to small town and notices a huge sign infront of super market that reads "eve Posted: 2007-11-13

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