Construction Site Safety Lesson

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Construction Site Safety Lesson

Construction Site Safety Lesson
Construction site is one of the dangerous working environments among the industry. Workers are working at the rural areas, which might easily face a lot of accidents. In order to prevent such accidents, it is highly recommended to arrange the construction site safety lessons, which talk about the safety measures in the workplace, emergency contact when facing accidents, etc.

New Hire Orientation
New hire orientation is important for every new staffs in the construction site. Within few days of the trainings, the new employee shall understand the basic safety measures within the construction sites, safety regulations and policies, and the job specific precautions. Through the training, the new hires can ask any questions regarding to the job nature and understand the potential risks. It is critical for the new staffs to understand the risk before the work.
Some jobs in theconstruction sites might be high risk or require high level of techniques. Therefore, the management team of the construction site shall arrange job-specific safety lessons to those employees. For example, the team leaders need to show where the staffs can find the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) of the high risk materials, what is the mandatory personal protective equipment, etc.

Safety Meetings
In addition to the new hire training, regular safety meeting shall be held to review the suitability of the safety measures in the construction sites. In the meeting, team members shall review the foreseeable risks in the future, follow up the risks that have already identified, etc. The aim of the meeting is to arrange a time to enable communication between workers and supervisors, and talk about safety measures.

The above construction site safety lessons are not enough. As the management team, they shall evaluate the safety measures effectively and regularly in order to allocate the suitablefacilities to the staff.

Posted: 2013-09-28

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