Top 20 Safe Driving Tips

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Top 20 Safe Driving Tips

Staying safe when driving requires a lot in the way of being aware and driving defensively. Experts agree that there is much more to staying safe. Drivers have a responsibility to keep themselves, their passengers and other vehicles and drivers safe, as well. Here are some tips to ensure that drivers are fulfilling their responsibilities.

1. Use Appropriate And Clear Turn Signals. Be sure that other drivers know what you intend to do.
2. Use Seatbelts. Using seatbelts is the only guarantee that the driver and the passengers can be safe in any way if an accident occurs.
3. Obey Traffic Signals.Blowing through a red light increases your chances of being involved in an accident. Obeying the traffic signals can and will prevent deadly accidents.
4. Slow Down For Yellow Lights.A yellow light is a warning to drivers to slow down and prepare to stop. Drivers shouldn’t take this to mean that they should speed up instead.
5. MakeaComplete Stop Coming to a complete stop prevents any oncoming vehicle from misjudging the drivers intentions.
6. Do Not TextOr Talk On The Phone While You Drive. When a driver is engaged in other activities, such as texting or talking, their reaction time and focus on safe driving is distracted. This can result in a lethal combination.
7. Obey Speed. Speed limits are posted for the safety of all drivers and should not be avoided, for any reason.
8. Avoid Distractions.
9. Make Adjustments For Weather.
10. Avoid Road Rage.
11. Exercise Patience.
12. Be Predictable.
13. Never Drive Under The Influence.
14. Yield Right Of Way.
15. Respect Stopped Vehicles.
16. Use Headlights When Needed.
17. Share The Road.
18. Maintain Proper Vehicle Maintenance
19. Stay Alert.
20. Avoid Assumptions.

Hope you shall understand the above safe driving tips.

Posted: 2013-09-28

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