Hours of Service for Canadian Truck Drivers

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Hours of Service for Canadian Truck Drivers

Youíre driving down a busy highway, trying your best to stay awake, but your eyelids slowly begin to close. Has this ever happened to you? Every year, innocent people are killed due to fatigued drivers. Canada has implemented hours of service regulations for all commercial drivers, in order to better reflect fatigue management practices. Truck drivers are expected to follow these rules, which outline the maximum number of hours a commercial truck driver can operate over a specific period of time.

Following are several significant rules and regulations regarding Canadian truck driver hours of service.
1. A truck driver is allowed to operate a commercial truck for a maximum of 13 out of 24 hours.
2. A truck driver must take eight consecutive hours of off-duty time in a day, and is able to spread out the other three hours throughout the day, as long as each break is no shorter than 30 minutes.
3. If the truck is equipped with a sleeper berth, it must allow the driver to easily pass from it to the driverís seat; be protected from exhaust leaks, dust, and rain; be able to provide sufficient heating, cooling, and ventilation; and have a mattress that is thicker than 10 cm, in order to provide a restful sleep.
4. After a driver operates a truck for 13 out of 24 hours, he is required to take at least eight hours of off-duty time before he can begin his next shift.
5. A truck driver must follow either a seven-day or 14-day cycle.
6. After a seven-day cycle, a new cycle can only begin after a driver takes at least 36 consecutive hours of time off. After a 14-day cycle, a new cycle can only begin after a driver takes at least 72 consecutive hours of time off.
7. During adverse driving conditions, a truck driver may add up to two hours to his shift, but must account for it the following day with a corresponding amount of off-duty time.

If a Canadian commercial truck driver follows these hours of service rules and regulations, the roads are sure to be a safe place for drivers of all vehicles.

Posted: 2013-10-02

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